Introducing the LinCU Active Card

LinCU Ltd is introducing its new First Citizens issued LinCU branded Chip Prepaid MasterCard, the LinCU “Active Card”.


This card replaces the LinCU Visa Debit Card and will be activated starting 15th October 2016. The last date for transition will be November 30th 2016.


Cardholders are urged to use this period to complete the Application Forms for the new card. New Cards will not be issued unless an application form is completed.

Compare the New LinCU Active Card to the Old LinCU Visa Debit Card


LinCU Active Card LinCU Visa Debit Card
Online shopping! checkmark_36 xmark_36
Use at all ATMs across Trinidad and Tobago! checkmark_36 checkmark_36
Use at ATMs abroad! checkmark_36 checkmark_36
Use at all shops and stores that display MasterCard symbol! checkmark_36 checkmark_36
Check your balance at ATMs or mobile devices! checkmark_36 xmark_36
Chip and Pin security! checkmark_36 xmark_36
Have up to five (5) co-cards on your card! checkmark_36 xmark_36
Get your card in 7 working days! checkmark_36 xmark_36
Queries can be done anytime, anywhere in the world by calling 62-FIRST! checkmark_36 xmark_36
MasterCard security and assistance! checkmark_36 xmark_36
Load your card at your Credit Union! checkmark_36 checkmark_36
Load up to TT$30,000 per day! checkmark_36 xmark_36
Spend up to TT$30,000 at POS (up to 15 purchases)!


Spend up to TT$30,000 at ATMs (up to 5 cash advances)!

checkmark_36 xmark_36
Enjoy instant discounts with LinCU’s Rewards Programme! checkmark_36 checkmark_36
Load your loans instead of waiting for cheque to be cleared! checkmark_36 checkmark_36
Load money for your kids studying abroad or family members in case of emergency! checkmark_36 checkmark_36
No high payment cost like credit cards or money transfer programmes. checkmark_36 checkmark_36
Free travel insurance when you purchase a ticket with your LinCU “Active Card!” checkmark_36 checkmark_36
Available to all members of participating Credit Unions! checkmark_36 checkmark_36

 Get Your Active Card

Download, complete and print the PDF application form for the new LinCU Active Card, then drop it off at the nearest branch of your participating Credit Union, accompanied by two forms of valid ID, proof of address and proof of income.


You can right-click and “save” to your computer.



See LinCU Active Card Fees & Authorization Holds

Participating Credit Unions

Click on a logo to visit the contact page for each respective credit union.






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The LinCU Active Card is issued and supported by:


*Please note that LinCU’s Loyalty Program is currently being reviewed and we will keep you posted.