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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the most frequent questions and answers about the LinCU "Active Card".

This card is a reloadable debit card, the Cardholder simply load funds through their Credit Union onto the LinCU ‘Active Card’ and spend anywhere in the World

This card is a prepaid debit card.

The LinCU ‘Active Card’ is a First Citizens issued debit card for members of participating Credit Unions.

The card can be loaded at Cardholder Credit Union or transfer funds via First Citizens online!

This card can be used at ATMs displaying MasterCard logo, Point of Sale and online both locally and internationally.

You can check your card balance at ATMs or First Citizens online. 

Yes, the Cardholder simply loads the card with TTD currency and spend anywhere in the World.

The ATM limit is TTD $6,000. per day. This is achieved through two (2) withdrawals per day up to a maximum of TTD $3,000.00 per day 

The total available spend is TTD $10,000.00 per day. As per point #1 above, ATM withdrawal limit up to a maximum of TTD $6,000.00 per day and the remaining funds at Point of Sale

Overall Monthly Foreign Currency: USD $100.

  • Card cost: $200. ($100.00 card cost + $100.00 Initial upload)
  • Annual Fee: $100.00
  • Load Fee: 1.15% of the load value
  • Access to local ATMs: $7.00
  • Access to international ATMs: $15.00
  • Point of Sale: Free locally and internationally

There are no interest charges associated with the LinCU ‘Active Card’

It takes up to ten (10) working days after card application to obtain a card.

You can have up to four (4) co-cards.

Members will need to provide:

  • Completed Card Application Form
  • Two (2) forms of valid ID
  • Proof of Address (not older than 3 months)
  • Proof of Income (not older than month)

Yes, Retirees will need to provide:

  • Completed Card Application Form (available at your Credit Union or LinCU’s website
  • Pension Letter OR
  • NIS Letter OR
  • Bank or Credit Union Statement (last three months showing pension deposit)
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